James Endicott


Dedicated climate solutions entrepreneur with 20 years in the restaurant and wine game.

Head schlepper of the good juice.

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Michael Kammer


In 2018 Michael Kammer became a founding partner of Vinocity Selections New York and was recently appointed as Chief Operating Officer. He also leads Sales for Vinocity Selections LongIsland, a subsidiary of the group.

Mike developed his deep appreciation for and knowledge of fine wine over the past several decades. Before formally joining the wine industry, Mike spent over 20 years in Finance. He started as a trader on the COMEX (Commodities Exchange) before managing energy and credit derivatives brokerage desks at Cantor Fitzgerald, Eurobrokers, Creditex and others in both New York and Houston.

Knowledge of the energy industry in particular has been useful in that one of Mike's responsibilities as COO has been to serve as the carbon credit liaison between the grape-producing farmers and carbon traders.

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Aaron Harman

Partner VinoCity Selections & FSFarms


Randall Stoops

FSFARMS, Head of Farm Operations