The good juice.


yamakiri wines

This is where it all started for VinoCity. Searching out forward-thinking farmers, working with Fukuoka (One-Straw Revolution) methods, I came across Lisa Bauer and her Yamakiri wines. Three days later we were walking through Filligreen Farm, a little slice of Eden in Anderson Valley, and I understood VinoCity's core mission: to support farmers and winemakers, making singular terroir-driven wines, while encouraging farming practices centered on climate solutions. Lisa's farming encourages a deeper ecology; a regenerative future. Her wines are unique, powerful expressions of her lands, Anderson Valley and the Yorkville Highlands


azolla - wines of renewal

Brain-child of Alex Crangle, Azolla wines are born of inspiration. When Alex mentioned a vision of reality, and I knew we had been upon the same path, I understood we were to work together. And, Azolla in the name, to boot! If you haven't heard how Azolla plays an integral part in saving the world, click here . Alex's wines are garrulous and boisterous, not as focused and pure as wines have become, more soul and grit and joie de vivre. Wine as personality.


Mylan wines

This is the work of Benjamin Wasby in Hood River, Oregon, working with fruit from Columbia Valley WA fruit. Working without chemical intervention, he's making pure, lithe expressions of Viognier and cabernet franc. When was the last time you tasted an acid-driven Viognier? Right?! Smashing juice!


Beckham Estate Vineyard

The Beckham's are a farming model for our vision, and are tremendous winemakers, and artists, and humans. We're so proud to get to represent their work. AD Beckham wines are produced in Andrew's hand-made amphora, while the Estate wines see some time in wood. Regardless the vessel, these wines are dynamic living beings from a distinctive producer and unique vineyards.

Pacelli image.jpg


This is a recently converted to organic estate run by a mother and her two daughters. They're working in Calabria with both indigenous and international varietals. Their Barone Bianco Riesling is an oxidative style and a standout white from the region. We're super excited to introduce their wines to the US.


Villa I Cipressi

Brunello and Rosso from estate vineyards to the southwest of Montalcino, about a kilometer down the road toward Grosseto. These wines are classically styled, with fine-grained oak tannin that's not overly-extracted or spoofed-up. This family does things the old-fashioned way, except with photovoltaic power and no-till beyond-organic farming. Drink now and any time the sun goes down.

opera 02.png


Surrounded by our vineyards, the Cellar is the beating heart of Opera|02. Our effervescent organic wines come to life here, according to a constantly evolving process that uses the most modern technologies, to guarantee respect for the environment and the consumer. Being close to the field, our Cellar allows a quick transport of the grapes, that come intact and rich in scents, flavours and all the aromas of the vineyard, characteristics you will find every time a new bottle is opened.

Casebianche Pasquale.jpg


Elisabetta and Pasquale Mitra are the epitome of conscientious farmers (and they still till a little bit;). We love the touchless touch of their winemaking and the purity and verve in their wild pet-nats and playful blends. Farmed with biodynamic principles, made without chemicals, these wines are both classic and of the moment.


Podere Erica

We take seriously our role as custodians of our extraordinary property in the heart of Chianti. Not only to uphold the long traditions of wine production, but also to care for the land in a way that benefits the environment and future generations. 


Join Vinocity’s book

The only requisite for inclusion in our book is thoughtful farming. If you share this passion or want to make the transition to sustainable practices that sequesters carbon contact us.

Marco and Mattia Moroder in the vineyard.jpg


Moroder is the oldest estate in our book, and some of our most loyal supporters. We couldn't be more proud to represent their work. No-till, certified organic, old vines... they even operate their winery on self-generated solar. They are an ideal for our farming model, and super nice folks, with statuesque, serious Montepulciano, and playful bright Malvasia.

Querciagrossa pierpaoli.jpg


Pierpaolo Bertolini! We can't wait to meet him. He is the first farmer I've ever found to talk about his rejuvenative practices. With fruit grown way beyond the conscripts of organic, he focuses on soil health and biodiversity. The intention shows in his chemical-free and soul-steeped elixirs. Living wines, these have age-worthiness that few natural wines can claim. This is the way, the truth and the life.

george-big logo.png

George wine company

We love George, but he's still got a vineyard source we don't believe in. So, we only sell two of George's wines. Hansen vineyard, an organically-farmed dairy herb that has an adjoining vineyard, and Ceremonial, an organic Martinelli family vineyard. His wines are terrific! (We served Ceremonial at our wedding) As soon as 100% of his production qualifies, we'll carry 100%. These are the wines that made California Pinot Noir famous.